Targeted investment in mining industry’s research sector


Great attention is required to be paid to attracting well-targeted and smart investments to tackle challenges faced by the research and technology sector in the domestic mining industry.

In an address to a meeting, Majid Vafaei listed the following problems faced by the processing industry in the domestic mining sector:

– Low purity of the country’s mineral reserves

– Consumption and population growth

– Over-emittance of greenhouse gases and environmental issues

These challenges could be overcome by adopting macro-level approaches and encouraging well-targeted and smart investments in the industry.

Promoting research and employing modern technologies play a pivotal role in the development of the processing industry in the mining sector and this requires sufficient investment.

Iran Minerals Processing Research Center ( IMPRC ) has the capacity to develop domestic mineral processing industry.

This center has prepared the ground for providing services in the field of analyzing mineral samples discovered by domestic private and public companies.


Mining chain and economic development

Speaking at the same meeting, the head of the mines and mining industries think thank of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, stressed the necessity of paying adequate attention to domestic mining formations and organizations, such as the Iranian Mining Engineering Organization (IMEO).

If all parts of the mining chain, from exploration to production, are activated properly, it would play a very significant role in the development of the domestic economy.

It is of the utmost importance to pay attention to promoting research in the sector.

Greater importance would be attached to the role and status of the mining sector in Iran’s Sixth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2017-22).


Small mines impact

At the same meeting, the managing director of Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company, stressed the importance of small-scale firms and mines.

He noted that paying due attention to such mines and firms would have direct positive impact on the followings:

– the domestic economy

– boost Iran’s production and employment

– help develop the country’s deprived areas

– and make it possible to make optimum use of domestic potentials and capabilities

Jafari said reviving small-scale mines, which constitute 90 percent of the country’s mines, is among the projects and policies to be implemented by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade in the year to March 2020.



At the end of the meeting, an MOU was signed by IMPRC and IMEO to increase cooperation and interaction between the two organizations in the field of conducting fundamental and innovative research.




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