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We provide high quality services to develop your business in IRAN.
Commercial Consultancy

The commercial consultation service of "DIMOTISS" allows companies to avoid potential penalties from failure to employ with relevant regulations, lack of information or misunderstandings due to language barriers.

Trade Development

We have expertise in market development, finding new customers and sourcing raw materials from all over the world as they are the main concern of the companies.

Business Facilitating

Our aim is to increase your QUALTY, SPEED, EFFICINCY while reducing your COST at the same time.

Market Door Opening

Due to our relations in the market & our 19 year experience, we have a good sense about the opportunities & know how to be involved in properly.

The Point Changes Strangers to Familiar


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About US

We lead your business to Iranian opportunities.
Servive Oriented Company for Market Development since 2007

Our service has been started since 2007 to response the required signals from market which they were looking for whom be able to help them to manage their foreign commercial affairs ( Specially for importing the goods and materials ) without infringing their business and do not become their competitors when they learned how to manage it. In this regard, we introduced ourselves to market as a lost part of such puzzle, to help them improve their own business while they are in safe side and have no worries about the leakage of information’s. On 2nd phase we added the foreign customers to our list and started giving them the required services to help them to expand their activities in Iran market According to our policy, we have no plan to involve in trade of our customers and just giving them the required services even on modular basis. Sometime the customer need a help for a specific period on specified project out of country, but due to lack of information or connections they are unable to do it, but by using our services they will earn a good synergy to do their business and expand their activities.

  • Cost Reduction

    Reducing your costs by replacing international costs with local ones.

  • development

    We are expert to develop your market and do introduction service.

  • satisfaction

    It is our honour that most of our previous and current customers are happy with us.

  • Trustworthy

    All of your data will be kept private and safe with us.

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