Iran keen on supporting foreign investors


Iran is keen on providing special support to foreign investors willing to participate in the implementation of domestic mining and industrial sectors projects.

Speaking at a meeting attended by a number of foreign investors involved in the production of solar panels and construction of solar power plants, Iranian Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade added that the country has unique mining and industrial capacities and offers investors numerous opportunities in these two fields.

Iran will offer all legal incentives to encourage foreign investors to effectively participate in implementing projects throughout the country.

“Despite all limitations, Iran’s industrial sector is witnessing constant growth.

This has led to an increased demand in the country for electricity.

Thus, foreign investors cooperation in the [power generation] sector can substantially benefit both sides.”

Iran would also provide foreign investors with the necessary equipment at the onset of their cooperation.

Iran’s steel, copper and aluminum production industries are undergoing constant development, which would make supplying them and their downstream sectors with sufficient energy resources a priority in the near future.

“We will use all our capacities to accelerate the process of attracting foreign investors.”

Over 50 billion tons of contractible mineral reserves have been identified in Iran, which provide foreign and domestic investors with appropriate opportunities for participation.

Also,Private sector invests over $269m in mining projects since last December.

The official noted that in the current situation when the country is subject to unjust sanctions, such investments over this short period of time is a remarkable sign that the private sector has a positive outlook for this sector.



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