Iran’s visa waiver for Chinese

Authorities approved travel incentives for Chinese regarding the Visa Waiver.

Iran’s visa waiver for Chinese program is psychologically positive and motivates tourist to travel to the country without any problem for obtaining visa documents at the border or airport.

S0, travel to that country will be facilitated and also Iran wants to facilitate traveling to Iran for foreign tourists.

Now, financially, tourists do not pay for visas, and this will lead to create motivations for tourists to travel Iran.

Iran’s visa waiver for Chinese facilitate tourist entries to Iran.Iranian cabinet has agreed to waive visa requirements for Chinese nationals entering Iran on Sunday as the sanctions-hit country attempts to boost tourism in the face of an economic crisis.


while the US is seeking to ‘crush’ the Iranian economy, China is seeking to keep it ‘in business’.China has helped open the path for Iran to enter the global market (via oil), and today Asia remains Iran’s largest trading partner.

During the Cold War, there were unofficial trade relations between Iran and China that have steadily increased over time.Trade reached $1.627 billion in the 1980s and $15 billion in 2007.In 2001, the volume of trade in between, stood at roughly $3.3 billion.

In 2005, the volume of Sino-Iranian trade hit $9.2 billion.In 2005, exports from China represented 8.3% of the total import market in Iran, giving China the second largest share of the market after Germany.China’s exports to Iran have experienced particularly rapid growth in the past five years, with China replacing Japan as the world’s second largest exporter to Iran.Iran’s imports from China rose by 360% between 2000 and 2005.China is now responsible for about 9.5% of all Iranian imports.

In 1988, the Iranian market opened up to Chinese industry when the PRC began economic restructuring.Once profitable trade relations were established, the PRC invested in Tehran subway systems, dams, fishery, and cement factories while Iran helped supply China with the highly desired minerals coal, zinc, lead, and copper.

Iran is full of Chinese products and cars and trade between the two states also included the followings:

– power generation

– mining

– transportation equipment along with arms

– consumer goods such as electronics, auto parts, and toys

Iran–China trade value reached $45 billion in 2011.




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