khuzestan prov. exports over 16mn tons of non-oil goods

Official in Charge of Supervision Affairs of Customs Offices in Khuzestan province Gholamreza Balouti Mirza made the remarks on Fri. and said, “export of products from Khuzestan province in the same period showed 12 percent hike in terms of value as compared to the last year’s corresponding period.”
These products were exported from provincial customs offices to the countries including China, Iraq, United Arab Emirates (UAE), India, Indonesia, Thailand, Oman, Kuwait and Egypt, he stated.
Revenues of customs of Khuzestan province in the same period showed about nine percent hike as compared to a year earlier, he stated.
About 15,253,137 tons of products was imported into the province last year, showing a nine percent hike as compared to the same period of last year.
Livestock corn, soybeans, petrochemical equipment and machinery, sunflower raw oil, gasoline, palm oil, MDF and mechanical equipment were main products imported into the province in the same period.
The aforementioned products were mainly imported into the province from Brazil, China, Ukraine, US, Argentina, India, UAE, Malaysia and Thailand.