Japan`s opportunity to do bilateral works with Iranian private sector

Mohsen Jalalpour the president of Iran Chamber of commerce in a meeting with Yashushi Akahoshi the president of Japan external trade organization stressed on easing the trade visa procedure and banking connection.
15 May 2016 ICCIMA's public relation reported; Mohsen Jalalpour mentioned his personal business relation with JETRO before joining Kerman and Iran chamber of commerce from twenty years ago and said: Japanese products are benefiting high potentials in Iranian market among the people's mind and in comparison with coming delegations from all over the world to Iran, Japanese are some steps ahead.
They should consider this potential to supply the inside and regional market by joint work and production: Jalalpour added.
Japanese investment in 2015 was more than 25 billion dollar and just 5 million of it was invested in Iran. There is still a question for me that regarding the potentials of Iran in natural and human resources, stability and security in region as well as accessing the neighboring markets, why the amount of investment is lower than our expectations: The president of Iran chamber added.
Asking to the ease the business visa procedure and resolving the banking issues, Mohsen Jalalpour marked the bilateral production and joint works in automotive parts, ICT, pharmaceutical, food industry and medical equipments to enhance economical exchange between Iran and Japan.
  • Date: May 17, 2016
  • Reference: ICCIMA