Iran inaugurated the production line of sea containers

According to Alborz News Agency Mohammad Islami, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Iran inaugurated the largest offshore container line at a private production facility in Alborz province.

He pointed out the importance of the container for the sea transport system and mentioned that the “Thousands of containers were removed from Iran”.

“Today sanctions have brought us to self-sufficiency, and we have shown that we can meet our needs by relying on our own strength,” he said.

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development, referring to the global standard of production containers, added:

These shipping containers in addition to using the maritime transport system can also be used in rail and road transport system.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Planning and Head of the Ports and Maritime Organization also said about the country’s maritime requirements:

“The country now has 200,000 ATU containers and our projected volume is 500,000 ATU.”

Nearly 1.7 million TEUs of container cargos were loaded and unloaded at Iran’s ports during the past Iranian calendar year (March 2018-March 2019).

Rastad added: The line, which was put into operation today, has the capacity to produce 100 containers per day, which is a significant amount needed to supply.

He added: “This line has been exploited at a cost of 250 billion Tomans and has created direct employment for 350 people and more than a thousand indirect jobs.”


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