Iran expansion of trade ties


Iran and Turkey

expansion of trade ties



Iran and Turkey are eager for developing trade interactions to achieve a target of $30 billion annual trade exchange.

The great history of close ties between the two countries and their officials’ great determination to expand bilateral relations, make the promotion of cooperation between the two neighbors easier.

Target of $30 billion annual trade set by Iran and Turkey and the level of bilateral trade exchange is expected to rise in light of mutual efforts.

Also the cooperation between the both side customs will be much closer and stronger than the current level.

Turkey side reaffirmed the Turkish government’s determination to continue trade cooperation with Iran.

In this regard they called for the modernization of transportation routes between the two countries and for updating the customs equipment in order to accelerate the pace of mutual trade.

During the 27th meeting of Iran-Turkey Joint Economic Committee, which was held in Ankara in mid-September, the two sides investigated different ways of reaching the targeted $30-billion bilateral trade and reiterated that reaching this figure is possible despite the pressures of the U.S. sanctions.

During the above mentioned meeting, Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian chairman of the committee, mentioned expediting the process of implementing bilateral agreements on trade and economic issues as the most prioritized objective of the joint committee and said Iran has no limitation for expanding and deepening cooperation with Turkey.




Iran and Belarus

The Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange (BUCE) and Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) intend to advance cooperation

BUCE managing director held a meeting with IME head to talk on ways of cooperation.

Belarus-Iran trade has considerable growth potential.

Exchange trade will help reduce commercial risks and help Belarusian and Iranian economic entities search for partners.

“Iran produces a range of goods which enjoy a stable demand in Belarus.

They include products of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, textiles, nuts and dried fruits.

In turn, Belarusian enterprises could use the exchanges to export lumber products, wood panels and products of the petrochemical industry to Iran.

The commodity exchange will be a digital bridge for flows of goods between Belarus and Iran.

Belarusian side proposed to compile a list of Belarusian and Iranian goods which will be convenient for trade via the exchanges and plan future activities based on this list.

He stressed the necessity to raise awareness of Iranian businessmen of advantages of exchange trade and expressed hope that the IME and the BUCE would cooperate in this area.

Belarus is ready to take part in any business events the IME organizes to tell representatives of the Iranian business circles about the instruments and services we can offer.





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