Iran Monthly Steel Export

Crude steel exports by Iran’s major steel producers during the July 23-August 22 rose 37% compared to the same month in the previous year, (IRIB reported).

Major producers exported 633,050 tons of steel in the fifth month of this year, rising from 462,000 tons in the same month of the past year.

Iran established a special working group in the ministry which is closely assessing the situation and making necessary arrangements to mitigate the impact of the U.S. sanctions.

The official noted that it is expected for the exports from the country’s mining sector to, at least, reach the last year’s $8.5 billion by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 2020).

Steel industry is one of the industries in which some good investment has been made and today it has become a production advantage.

Iran’s annual steel production is planned to reach 45 million tons by the Iranian calendar year 1400 (March 2021-March 2022).

The Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade prefers that the steel producers focus first on production and in this due development projects with the physical progress of over 70 percent will also help achieve this target.”

On June 15, the official had announced that the country’s annual crude steel production is planned to reach 30 million tons in the current Iranian calendar year.

He put Iran’s crude steel production at 25 million tons in the past year.

Iran will inaugurate steel projects with the capacity of at least 10 million tons during the current Iranian calendar year.

IMIDRO said leading steel mills had shipped a total of 2,904,366 of cargoes to foreign customers in the five months ending August 23, 2019, down four percent compared to the similar period in 2018.





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