Iran Plast 2019will host 570 Iranian and 35 foreign companies at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground from September 22 to 25.

12 delegations from 10 countries will attend the exhibition while 14 countries will participate through single pavilions.

IRAN PLAST is a platform to make connection between petrochemical industry and enterprises, while flourish downstream industries.

managing director of National Petrochemical Company (NPC) mentioned more presence of knowledge-based companies and startups in this edition of the event as one of its prominent features which has been achieved as the result of the high attention and support by the Oil Ministry to these companies during the past year.

$17b income, 108,000 direct jobs – significant role of petrochemical industry in the country’s economy

It is said that the annual income of petrochemical industry at $17 billion which is planned to hit $25 billion in the second leap [by the end of Iranian calendar year of 1400 (March 2022)] and will witness a significant rise in the third leap [by the end of Iranian calendar year of 1404 (March 2026)].

 Indigenizing all groups of catalysts

The official further mentioned indigenizing all groups of catalysts as a major objective that NPC is pursuing in the field of technology and research.

27 projects to come on stream by March 2022

the NPC managing director said that by the next 2.5 years 27 projects are going to come on stream in the petrochemical sector, among them Kaveh Methanol is a major one.

The complex with the daily production capacity of 7,000 tons will be the largest methanol production unit in the world.

It is scheduled to be inaugurated by the next six months.

Boosting exports, flourishing downstream sector

Mohammadi further mentioned “we are paying special attention to rise quality to achieve two major objectives.”

“The first objective is

  •  expansion of exports and having more presence in the global markets
  • and the second one is flourishing downstream industries inside the country and increasing employment.



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